Xpressive Arts Center

Junior Badges Available:

Jeweler Badge

We will make jewelry from everyday objects. We will learn about jewelry from other lands and the cultural and historical significance. You will learn the basic tools & techniques used to make jewelry and make something of your own. We will decorate a box to keep our jewels in. We will learn about gemstones and the symbolism of jewelry in society.



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 858-679-ARTS(2787) or by emailing
bonnie@xpressivearts.com with your request.

Drawing Badge

When you pick up your pencil, anything could leap from your mind onto a sheet of paper. That’s what makes drawing so fun. In this badge, you’ll find techniques to make your drawings even better—which will make it more fun to see what your imagination can do.

1. Experiment with different materials.

2. Learn how to add shading.

3. Get some perspective.

4. Use your imagination like a graphic artist.

5. Make your masterpiece and show it off!

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