Xpressive Arts Center

12257-B Old Pomerado Road  

Poway, CA 92064

858-679-ARTS (2787)

Welcome to the Xpressive Arts Center.

We are here to help you bring some

 creativity into your life.




I started this center to provide

 arts-based activities to a wide

 audience. I firmly believe that the

 arts are a vital form of

 communication, and that exposure

 to the arts helps children and

 adults develop skills and creativity

 as well as providing a relaxing, fun

 experience to nurture the inner


We have a very quaint location in a historic

 building in Poway. It is ideal for taking a

 class or a workshop, making new friends and

 keeping the creative spirit alive in each of

 us. I am also committed to bringing art

 therapy services to those in Poway and the

 surrounding communities.

Bonnie Stromer, MA, ATR

Registered Art Therapist

contact me at 858-679-ARTS (2787)


 (cell phone)  619-415-5538